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Property Insurance Disputes

Here in Florida, many property claims start with storm damage. Insurers often tell our clients these claims aren’t covered because of flooding or other unrelated — and uncovered — causes. However, it’s never as easy or clear to determine the cause of damage as your insurer might lead you to believe. Haselden Law understands these claims and regularly gets them paid for our clients.


Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices

Don’t be taken advantage of by businesses that surprise you with hidden charges or fail to resolve issues you shouldn’t have paid for. Florida has a very good unfair and deceptive practices law that applies to nearly every type of business in the state, and Will’s years of experience in the Economic Crimes Division of the Florida Office of the Attorney General gave him the knowledge and background necessary to handle these cases.

Just ask yourself – do you think you’ve been treated unfairly or duped by a business? If you believe you have, you’re probably right and those actions probably violate Florida law. Will can help you get relief.


Contracts and Business Actions

Substantive claims against auto dealers, telecommunications companies and many other business entities are becoming more difficult to win on behalf of consumers, especially in Florida. This often happens because of mandatory arbitration requirements or laws passed by business-friendly legislatures to impede a consumer’s ability to go to court. However, we are not deterred. Talk to us about your claim and we’ll see how we can help.


Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

When you’ve been in an accident or you’ve been injured and you need an advocate that believes in the value of your life, Will is that lawyer. He only takes cases for people he respects and trusts because he knows how closely a lawyer must work with an injured client to resolve medical costs and recover money for their pain and suffering. Don’t settle for any less from your lawyer.


Civil Rights

There are valid reasons law enforcement officers can search your vehicle or residence but every day in Florida, an untold number of people are stopped and arrested without probable cause. These searches and subsequent arrests inevitably ruin lives.

If you have been arrested and the State Attorney has dismissed your case, or if law enforcement has used excessive force against you pursuant to an arrest, call Will. His vast experience with law enforcement departments throughout North Florida can help you recover damages for your losses and, just as importantly, clear your record going forward.

As the first Section Chief of the Florida Attorney General’s Cyberfraud Section, Will gained national renown for a first-of-its-kind enforcement effort that resulted in new standards for wireless billing of third-party mobile content and products. The regulation of this practice, known then as “cramming,” has changed dramatically since that enforcement effort. For this effort, the state of Florida awarded Will the top individual Davis Productivity Award in 2009, recognizing his work to obtain millions of dollars in refunds for Florida consumers from wireless carriers.

As an attorney for the City of Tallahassee, Will litigated employment and civil rights cases, handled administrative bid protests, contractor delay and modification claims, and other civil matters. During this tenure, he successfully tried cases before juries and judges in the Second Judicial Circuit and handled appeals before the First District Court of Appeals.

While in private practice, Will has obtained class certification on behalf of a nationwide class of affected consumers against two national online ad networks. This case was notable for the evidentiary use of computer source code for online tracking and legal standing purposes.

Will received his undergraduate degree from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and his law degree from Memphis State University. He and his wife Lori have lived in Tallahassee for 22 years.